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Utility Bill Hero combs over your commerical utility bill to make sure you're not overpaying for your utilities.


What we do for you

Utility bills are complicated. There are thousands of lines of complex regulations and rapidly changing tariff rates governing how they are calculated. That's why we're here. We perform a thorough review of your bill to make sure you're paying exactly what you should. If we uncover any issues, we'll guide you through the claims process to make sure you're refunded for any overages and set up on a better billing cycle.

How it works

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Bill Review

We perform a thorough analysis of your utility bill to identify any errors and cost savings.

Pay Less

You receive a report of our findings and we'll help you submit any claims to your utility.


No risk, no up-front cost, no bills.

If we find an issue in your utility bill, you keep 90% of your utility refund and we'll receive the other 10%. If we don't find any issues, then you don't have to pay us a cent and you can be confident that your utility bill is just right.

Ready to lower your utility bill?

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